Mother Earth News Fair

So we (my wife, Miss Mercy,  was there also) just got home from the first day of the Mother Earth News Fair in Topeka, Ks. In case you are not familiar with the Mother Earth News magazine it is published by Ogeden Publications in Topeka, Kansas so it was nice when they started having the one of the fairs in our home town. They hold several a year in various locations throughout the U.S. The fair is a mix of vendors, workshops and lectures on homesteading, gardening, solar power, sustainable living, portable saw mills and oddly enough, infrared chairs to fix your aching back. Like most of life some of the events are great and some are not so great.

So far a couple of the breakout sessions that we attended were very informational. Miss Mercy went to one by Shawn and Beth Dougherty on adding a cow to your Homestead. The Dougherty’s have a new book out, The Independent Farmstead, which I’ve just started reading and so far it’s a very worthwhile read. It’s a really interesting event, especially if you’re into homesteading or possibly just people watching. We’ve attended all four years they’ve been having it here and we haven’t regretted it yet. If you have a chance to go to one near you we highly recommend it, it’s an interesting experience and you might actually learn some really interesting things. Sadly this year we were ready to purchase a broadfork for our garden and the vendor we were hoping to get it from was not there this year – so road trip or mail order – we’ll let you know how it goes…

Why Tiny Sustainable Life?

What is a Tiny Sustainable Life? Should I care? Does it require me to have long hair, a beard, wash rarely or not all, smell of patchouli oil and listen to a lot of Grateful Dead? *

Of course not! Anyone can live a sustainable life, or at least live in a more sustainable way then they are now.  I have short hair, a corporate job and live in Kansas with my wife, Miss Mercy.  We (I’m pretty sure based on our recent discussions that it’s “we”) are looking for a way back to an idolized simpler time. I say idolized because we don’t really want to live in the 1800’s with the bugs and dirt and general hard living that entailed. We do want to be more self-sufficient, grow more of our own food, reuse, recycle and repair and generally be less wasteful. This is our on-going story of what our journey towards those goals look like. Let me assure you, if we can get there, I promise you can too. So join us on our journey to get through this thing called life..

*Please note: I  mean no offense to hippies, who probably don’t have internet, or Dead Heads, who are some of the best people I know…